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RaiBot Legal Blog Started

January 6, 2010 marks the start of the legal blog run under the brand RaiBot, formerly known as communications software for use over the Internet.

Covering news and trends, general publications, and opinions, the RaiBot Legal Blog will not bore anyone interested in media, technology, and infrastructure.  What makes it different is the focus on legal developments and their implications in these sectors.

Why a legal blog, and why under a brand known as communications software?

RaiBot, communications software, was created to allow its users to communicate in a user-friendly manner online.  The consumers ranged from computer novices to configuration experts.  It is with this idea in mind that the new blog runs: readers, no matter their background in the law, can enjoy reading this blog, and it will contain features to make the activity of doing so user-friendly.

Why the change in focus of the brand?

The reason for using the brand name of the software, which turned ten years old on Christmas Day of this year, is to mark a shift in the focus and the purpose of RaiBot as well as that of the creator’s career.  Rather than calling the blog a different name that has no prior history on the Internet, the RaiBot Legal Blog exists both to represent the previous communications work of RaiBot as well as serve as an extension to it in the form of legal knowledge.

Will rebranding work?

Understandably, it could be said this blog will dilute the RaiBot brand name, or it could even be said that this blog is marketing for the RaiBot communications software. Given the ongoing hiatus of the development and publication of the software, the brand will only be diluted over time as it is no longer in use, so the blog is making use of this existing brand and is in fact transforming it to sustain it.  Given the unashamed link between the identity of the brand and the creator, rebranding will certainly work.  The question is, will readers enjoy the content of this legal blog?  There is only one way to find out.

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